Footprints and Pawprints – ‘Putting Your Pets First’

Let Footprints and Pawprints Care For Your Pets and Your Property

Are you going away on holiday and concerned about your pets?

Are you worried about household security when you’re away from home?

Do you have to travel on business, leaving your home unattended?

If you  answer yes to any of the above and live in Beckenham, West Wickham, Hayes, or any of the surrounding areas, then Footprints and Pawprints is the Pet/ House Sitting company for you. 

Our 100% client satisfaction rate guarantees your peace of mind, showing you that we offer a fantastic tailor made service, designed with your needs in mind.

Should you not have pets, but require a house sitting or visiting service whilst you are away on business or holiday, just click here,  for all your house sitting/visiting needs.

At Footprints and Pawprints, we aim to take away the worry and stress often associated with leaving your home unattended, and the trauma to both pet and owner of kennelling your animals. With our service you can be guaranteed peace of mind, knowing that your pets and your property are being cared for by a professional sitter, who is confident, organised and above all else, a true animal lover.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Footprints and Pawprints to Care For Your Home and Your Pets:

- Choosing us, allows your pets to stay in the safe environment of their own home.

- It avoids the trauma often associated with kennelling.          

- Your pets maintain their routines.      

- It avoids your pets possibly contracting contagious diseases whilst in  kennels.  

- You can enjoy your holiday, knowing that your property is safe. The presence of a trusted sitter will enhance the security of your property. No-one need ever know you’ve gone away.     

- We can answer the phone and take messages. 

= We can care for your houseplants and garden. 

- We can handle any household emergency in a calm professional manner.   

- We can administer medication and deal with specific dietary needs.

- We will exercise your dogs to your requirements.  Whether its a slow stroll round the block for an elderly dog, or a brisk walk in the park or woods for those who love to exercise.              

- We are  CRB Checked, Fully Insured and Narps Registered

- We offer competitive rates

- We will make an appointment for you to meet your sitter before you leave your property and pets in their hands. Giving you confidence, and allowing you to make sure your sitter suits you, and your beloved pets.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Daily Rate From £35.00 


Recent Client Testimonials:

 ”Sharon is a Godsend!  Our animals adore her, and she offers a really superb house/pet sitting service.  Having had some very bad experiences with pet sitters it’s a relief to find someone so caring, competent, and thoroughly good at their job.  Nothing seems to faze her, and you know on first meeting that both your property and animals are in good hands.  It’s great to get away and be able to enjoy a holiday; but even better to come home to contented animals and an orderly house.  Thank you Sharon – from the Broomfield family.”


Please call Sharon on 07850 879421 or 020 8249 5936, for a no obligation quote regarding your house and pet sitting needs. 





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Footprints and Pawprints