Dog Walking

- One to One Dog Walks
- Experienced Dog Walker
- Fully Insured
- Twitter or Facebook Updates
- Competitive rates

Cat Care Visits

- We Visit Your Home
- Ideal for Elderly Cats, And Young Kittens Who Need Care During The Day.
- Perfect For Your Cats Holiday Care, Once or Twice Daily Visits,
- Providing Company For Your Pets
- Regular Text, Twitter or Facebook Updates
- Fully Insured to Care for your Pets in your Home
- Narps UK registered

Pet & House Sitting

- NARPS UK Registered
- Keeping Your Pets Safe at Home
- Competitive Rates
- Fully Insured to Care for your Pets in your Home
- CRB Checked for your Peace of Mind

Pet Taxi - Available to Regular Clients

- Ideal For Visits To The Vets.
- We Have Air Conditioned Cars, Not Vans, To Transport Your Pets
- All Dogs Are Harnessed, Not Caged
- We Are Fully Insured To Transport Your Pets.

House Visiting Service

- We offer a 365 days per year, local residential House Visiting Service.
- This service is ideal if you are away on business, or on holiday.
- We can ensure your property gives the appearance of being occupied
- Our service includes removal of post, watering of plants, and opening and closing of blinds.
- We are fully insured and CRB checked, for your peace of mind.

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